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HA-FS Online

HA-FS Online

HA Online is a worldwide ministry of Homosexuals Anonymous dedicated to those who do not have access to local chapters or simply want to stay completely anonymous. HA Online works with the 14 steps of HA. Each online group has its own moderator. You can register anytime and stay for as long as you wish - it is free of charge. Also it is non-denominational. You do not even have to be a Christian. All we ask of you is the will to seek freedom of homosexuality and the dedication to invest some time for that every week. The program itself is Christian-based, so you should at least be open for that. If you want more information, please contact [email protected]. Notice, however, that you have to be adult to take part in this. At the moment, we only have a group for men online.




Jason is an international Christian ex-gay group which is affiliated to Homosexuals Anonymous and has been founded by a member of HA Online. It has branches and/or contact persons in Germany (headquarters), New Zealand, the USA and Canada and works together with Christian and Jewish ex-gay organizations worldwide. We have local HA-chapters, work with the 14 steps of HA and offer free counseling, seminars and speakers for people with unwanted same-sex attractions, their friends and families, churches, schools, authorities, political organizations and the media. Languages spoken: German, English, some French/Italian/Spanish/Hebrew. Homepage:



From a member of a Homosexuals Anonymous online group (published with permission):

"Before ha there was no way to  get out of this... no one can  help you. You have no value. Go ahead stay in the  g scene. Nobody loves you any way.
Then i met loving believers here in my hometown.  Loving believers are very rare now. They are like diamonds and pearls; hard to find precious and rare.
They started helping me to get out of this gay life. They really shared their love and knowledge their time and their wisdom.   They taught me. I learned. They helped me with my new identity in Christ. When i learned  Jesus loves me/us and God does not hate us.. I was like great lets go to the bars and celebrate.  They explained it doesn't work this way.
I started my support group with ha and look forward to the meetings every week. We sang, we prayed and then read the steps one  by one. I just focused on my healing this was my goal and only goal to heal. One guy was  getting married to a woman. Another guy sang so beautiful every time he sang and played his guitar streams of  tears would come out of my eyes.. a sister in Christ came every meeting to provide hugs to all of us. sometimes i need at least 10 just in one meeting. We exchanged phone numbers called and supported each other.Prayed for each other. Hung out together.. we all kept learning.
I believe the very first steps are the hardest. It calls for a life style change. i broke up with my lover of 12-14 years. He always said he was straight so i wondered what is he doing with me?
I stopped the drugs and alcohol to get me in tune  with my feelings. Anxiety, depression, loneliness, etc. etc. It was not easy. Stopped going  to the gay bars. We talked about affectation how we look and how we act. With ha help i was able to start throwing away condoms and i did. I also started throwing away porno. My last porno pic was of my x naked. I throw it away.. Little by little bondage's were being broken. The curse of masturbation was broken. This was put away. and has been gone now for years. It no longer has a power over me.
I started praying,humbling myself and asking God for help in His Son's  name.  This caused a relationship with Him. I have called Him Father thousands of times.  He is a loving Father.
I fell in love with Jesus.  He appeared to me in a vision At a Revival. I did not even know what a revival was.He also comes sometimes in my dreams. Just to let me know he is watching over me. He is here for me. He will be there for you too. Follow Him you won't regret it. Jesus is the most beautiful phenomenon in the Universe. He created the Universes.He is  pure love.In His presence you will melt down emotional, spiritually. You will become like a child again. I cried, cry and  cried rivers of tears. I cried just like a baby. Who hadn't seen his Father but now met Him.I was never the same again.  Everyone looks beautiful to me now.
For me the changes came in seeds of love, mercy and gratitude,  thankfulness. They grew in my heart and now i enjoy the fruits of hope, truth, love, joy wisdom and many more. Obedience and developing a relationship with Our Father and His Son has been the most beautiful experience in my life.
I know many of us come from different backgrounds.Germany, USA, Ireland,Egypt, Iran, Russia, New Zealand. I send my love to all of  you. Jesus taught me to love and continues to teach me about love. What have I learned?
I have learned Allah our Father loves us all very much. He wants to teach us how to love  ourselves when many of us couldn't even love  ourselves. He wants  to teach us to love our neighbors.He wants  to teach us to love our enemies. He wants to teach us to love God, our Heavenly Father.
Like a Father a loving Father He has so many wonderful gifts He wants to share with  us the greatest gift in the Universe. His Son.