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"Blessings Everyone all over the World!
Ever since the Fall none of us have ever been perfect again. Right after the Fall Cain murdered his brother Abel. He not only murdered him in a fit of rage and jealousy but he was also arrogant about Him. When he hardly tells Jehovah God, "Am I my Brother's keeper."
Because of this horrible Fall none of us not one of us has ever been perfect again. We all have short comings. With profound life controlling addictions there is something called relapse.
I recently had a a profound fall. I was i a whirl wind of sin.It was insanity!  It was horrible. I reached out for help, to Our Father in Jesus name. I told everyone who knows me from Church. There was no time to be wasted.  I even had a dream the enemy was holding on to my foot but I started kicking back, fighting back. I knew I would come to my senses and my Father would rescue me. I was not going to be ashamed or embarrassed about it. I needed help. I asked for prayer n encouragement. I started attending the HA SKPE meetings again. I had fallen in a dark pit!  i had to scream for help. Those who knew me at church I let them know right away. The best part of this was they were not judging me. They were encouraging me, praying for me. They just showed compassion. I remember one brother saying. You have not lost your Salvation.
I knew i was in darkness in the deep dark pit. Psalms 40. But i screamed!  I did not hold nothing back nothing! Nada!  I repented. I felt horrible. Little by little the Holy Spirit started coming into my life.
I have to realize because of early childhood sexual abuse I am always going to need help. It is a part of my life. The power of sin is much diminished. There is help for all of us. Right now i use the services of ha. They have been a beautiful blessing in my life. Recovery is on going. But being successful with my life is worth it. My conscious is clear. Have I made mistakes? Yes of course we all do. I have repented of all my sins to Our Father. I know He forgives me through Jesus Christ.
The Holy Spirit has returned my relation is secure with Jesus Christ. Nothing can separate us from the love of Jesus Christ. Romans 8. I even have beautiful dreams again of Jesus and the Holy Spirit in my life both of them watching over and protecting me from the horrible enemy. Am I perfect? No but my faith is stronger than before. We overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the Word of our testimony.. Revelations 21.
Love you all.
peace, love joy, victory in Jesus!

(From a Homosexuals Anonymous online group. Used with permission.)

Here a message from Father Ben Cameron from the Fathers of Mercy:

Dear "Jason" members:

    During this holy season of Easter, Christians celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, which is His Victory over death and the power of evil.  The Resurrection is the completion of the work that He accomplished in His Passion and Cross.  We, too, undergo a "passion" of sorts in our lives, a suffering which involves a purification from the darkness of sin -- both our own personal sins, and the sins of others that may have wounded us.  But we also know that this "passion" leads to a new life, a "resurrected" life in Christ Jesus.  When you are aware of the darkness, of the hurts that may be at the root of your unwanted same-sex attractions, take them to the Cross of Jesus, and unite them with His Cross, so that you will be able, in the end, to experience the glory of His Resurrection.  May God bless all of you!

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Ben Cameron, CPM

(April 22nd, 2013)

A letter to a teen (from the Homosexuals Anonymous online group):

Hi guys,
I mentioned about a teen in our church that had come out and said he was gay.
I was trying to figure out what to say to him, and while I was doing that, he moved out of his mom's house and moved to his Dad's house in Georgia. I have really felt that I needed to say something to him about his SSA so this is the letter that I sent him on Facebook today.
I decided to leave out my own struggles for now.

How are you doing? I see that you are living in Georgia now?!?! How did that happen? I knew you had moved out from your mom's but, Georgia seems like a hike from NJ.

I follow your posts on Facebook. I saw you had some big news that you announced. You announced that you believe you are gay. If it's ok, I would like to talk with you about that. If not, then that's ok, too. Either way, it doesn't change my ongoing interest in how you are doing nor my desire to see God's best for you.

I think you are absolutely right when you said in one of your posts, that no one can change anyone else. My intention is to not say you have to change, but I would like to present to you maybe something you haven't heard before and to hear back from you what you think about it. Again, after you read the remainder of this note if you do not wish to continue this discussion, I respect you enough as a human being that I can accept that without rejecting you.

Not sure where to start, so I guess I will just jump in with both feet here. I know you have heard a lot about accepting your feelings and embracing your attractions, defining yourself by them. But I am wondering if you have ever heard about those who have had the same attractions you have and have said that they felt that God had a different plan for them and so instead of embracing those attractions, they sought to respond to them in a different way. With help many were able to find a life of joy that they felt more accurately reflected who, they felt, they were inside.

I remember when you came home from a youth retreat and gave testimony about how God had touched your body. Do you still believe that he did that? Do you still believe that he has a plan for your life? Do you believe that he cares for you and wants what is best for you?
If you say yes to any of those things, then would you be open to consider that maybe there is a different way to respond to the attractions you feel? That possibly God's plan for your life may be bigger than the attractions you feel?

No one can say what God's plan for your life is, you need to wrestle with that with God. But if you are open I would be willing to help you find someone who is not religiously based and understands same sex attractions and has talked to many men who both have questioned their sexuality as well as decided later to embrace their sexuality. If you have ever questioned your attractions, it is worth trying to settle any doubts either one way or the other.

So I am curious to know what you think about all this.
I am sure you have probably heard a lot of comments from people, so I hope as you read this you really see my sincere care for you.
I look forward to hearing back from you and hearing all about your adventures in Georgia.

(May 15th, 2013)

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People always want me to write. I don't like to write - but strangely get compelled to write. It comes through me more than it comes from me. I had an overwhelming compulsion to write about a group vibe I get from the ex-gays. I just threw it together -- because I hate to write .

"And what of them; those fragile few who sit lonely in a life of societal isolation ? They have journeyed an incomprehensible adventure of human transformation striving to re-join the human race, to feel the warm grace of a loving God and finally achieve acceptance of themselves, through this journey, which only they can comprehend. And yet to find once again they are ostracized and condemned, this time for their successes. The pains, the struggles and the scars that drove them deeply into the dark pit of confusion, self-doubt, self-loathing and communal banishment are again relived as they are victimized by the ghosts of their past. Mocked, disbelieved, scorned by the envy of tortured souls who relish at the notion of their fall back to the hell from which only they escaped. What great strength did it take to achieve ? How many broken souls are able to actually rise up and transform themselves into the very weapon which slays their own demons ? What great strength does it take to suffer the barbs of the envious and the devious who work tirelessly to undermine their hard earned peace ? Nobly, they suffer once again. Generously, they try to embrace the broken-hearted and struggle to carry them to salvation. If God makes angels of men, then would these not be among them ? These, who crawl across the political and emotional battlefield time and time again to retrieve the wounded and bring them to safety. These, who live in isolation from both those who have not succeeded in the journey and they who never needed the venture; thus neither truly understanding. Let them know that each bears a burden not all the same. Let them know that all struggle with demons of different names and devices. And let them know that none of us receive a parade in honor of our victories over ourselves. But each must find that reward within himself, in the peaceful contentment that he has become that which he dreamt he could be."