Homosexuals Anonymous

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Local Chapter Officers

Local Chapter Officers

The local H.A. chapters are autonomous and all officers are chosen from the membership of the local chapter. Offices are open to all members. All persons holding offices may be re-elected to positions already held or elected to new offices. However rotation of the officers allows for growth in both individual members as well as the group as a whole. Should vacancies occur, the open position should be filled as soon as possible by election at the next scheduled business meeting or, if needed, at a special business meeting called for this purpose. Until the vacant office is filled permanently, a temporary replacement may be chosen by consensus of the other officers. The offices to be filled are:


Elected by the group at a business meeting for a quarter or a 14-week period. Moderates the weekly meetings, working through the format outline, oversees the quarter’s H.A. meeting’s, ensures presence of step guide, chairs the business meeting, unlocks building, makes sure the person appointed for refreshments is at hand, etc. Several coordinators (co-coordinators) may be elected which would allow for alternating coordinators from week to week—example: two coordinators could alternate responsibilities every other week.

Step Guide

Elected by the group at a business meeting or chosen by the coordinator or coordinating board (consisting of the coordinator and two other elected officers) to serve weekly, monthly, quarterly, or for a 14-week period. Guides the discussion of the step material using the H.A. workbook Lord, Set Me Free; Experience, Strength and Hope; or the H.A. step tapes. As the group develops in maturity, the step guide may be asked to speak on the step, explaining how he or she has used the step, what it means for him or her, rather than lecturing on it.


Elected by the group at a business meeting, preferably for one year. Opens a bank account, counts and records money in account book in presence of an assistant treasurer, deposits money, etc. The treasurer updates the group regarding the balance on a monthly basis. The treasurer is responsible for sending contributions to H.A. Fellowship Services.

Assistant Treasurer

Elected by the group in a business meeting, preferably for one year. Assists treasurer in duties and fills in when treasurer is not present (collecting money, etc.). The bank account is arranged so that the money may be withdrawn only with two signatures, those of the treasurer and assistant treasurer.