Homosexuals Anonymous

Offering Guidance, Fellowship & Care

Local Chapters and H.A.F.S.


What is a local H.A. chapter’s relationship to Homosexuals Anonymous Fellowship Services?

Homosexuals Anonymous Fellowship Services
Homosexuals Anonymous Fellowship Services (H.A.F.S.) is the headquarters of Homosexuals Anonymous chapters all over the world. H.A.F.S. is not a controlling organization. It is rather a service center that gives guidance in H.A. chapter development, provides for network communication through the H.A. Newsletter, and supplies materials used within the H.A. network. We recognize that H.A. chapters, while all following the basic policy of the 14 Steps, the 12 Traditions, and the organizational relationships outlined in this manual, will nevertheless develop with varying procedures according to the religious and social backgrounds from which the groups spring. It is for this reason that we stress that the rest of the input through this manual is mostly advisory. It is a message that says, “This is what we advise. This is how it has worked best. It may be different for you, however. Let us know if you come up with something better so that we can put it in the H.A. Newsletter and all can learn from it.”

Homosexuals Anonymous Fellowship Services Board
The H.A.F.S. Board is a group of dedicated men and women who provide guidance on how the message can best be proclaimed that there is hope and help in Christ for the person in conflict with his or her homosexuality.

Homosexuals Anonymous Approved Literature
H.A.F.S. requests that you send a copy of any materials identified as H.A. material (brochures, pamphlets, etc.) to H.A.F.S. for approval before printing. This does not mean that H.A.F.S. controls what you print. But when the name of “Homosexuals Anonymous” or “H.A.” is used in connection with any printed material, we reserve the right of approval since this gives the public assurance that your chapter is truly bona fide and represents the philosophy upon which H.A. is founded. When your copy has been approved by H.A.F.S., you should have printed on it, “H.A. Fellowship Services Approved Literature.”

Local Chapter Contributions to H.A.F.S.
H.A.F.S. suggests that at least 10% of your weekly collections be sent to H.A.F.S. on a monthly or quarterly basis. The remainder is used for 1) rent of the meeting room, 2) refreshments, 3) literature, and 4) any other expenses encountered (advertising costs, telephone bill, etc.). No large funds should accumulate at the local chapter level. This prevents being sidetracked by financial interests and precludes misuse of financial influence. From local chapter contributions, H.A.F.S. is able to provide all chapters with supportive services which include consultation and printed materials. Annual statements will be provided to local H.A. chapters upon request. Contributions sent to H.A.F.S. will be acknowledged and are tax deductible. No H.A. chapter should own real estate.