Homosexuals Anonymous

Offering Guidance, Fellowship & Care


H.A.F.S. provides among others the following:

The H.A. Workbook

The H.A. workbook, Lord, Set Me Free, is H.A.’s basic tool for the man or woman seeking freedom from homosexuality and for anyone who wants to work with them toward that goal. Here is more than 350 pages of material explaining each of the 14 Steps, showing how they are drawn from Scripture, setting forth the difficulties which may be encountered in trying to put them into practice, and giving practical instructions as to how they may become a part of the struggler’s life. One man wrote, “This is a most amazing book! I marveled as I read it…. I was almost overwhelmed by the mountains of research and study that went into it! It is nothing short of a monumental work!”

The H.A. Daily Devotional

The H.A. devotional book, Daily Steps to Freedom, offers a tremendous help in keeping those seeking freedom from homosexuality focused on putting the steps in practice every day. A number of days are given to each step with a quote to provoke thought, a devotion to give inspiration, encouragement, and instruction, and a Bible reading to bring these truths home to each heart. This will be a tremendous help to those who use it.

Experience, Strength, and Hope

The bulk of Experience, Strength and Hope is drawn from writings from the H.A. News giving the experiences of members of our fellowship as they struggled to work the Steps and find freedom from homosexuality. Here is a wealth of practical experience and encouragement which is invaluable! In addition there are numerous quotations drawn from well-known believers and/or people in the mental health field which illustrate and explain recovery.

H.A. Brochure

This brochure gives general information on Homosexuals Anonymous and how it can help individuals in their struggle. It can be used to make people aware of the H.A. program and what to expect at a local H.A. chapter meeting. The brochure is designed so that you can type, stamp, or write your chapter’s local mailing address and telephone number on the brochure itself.

H.A. Newsletter

The H.A. Newsletter is a vital link in the H.A. network since it allows for communication between all H.A. members as well as news and updates from H.A.F.S. To make it as informative and helpful as possible, it is important that every member share testimonies, Step talk material, poetry, and any other information they think might help others in their struggle. We urge each chapter to encourage their members to be certain they are receiving this great encouragement.

Step Cards

These cards contain the 14 Steps of H.A. as well as the philosophy and purpose of H.A.

Policy and Advisory Manual

The H.A. Policy and Advisory Manual gives insight into the basic philosophy, organizational structure, and policies of H.A. and gives H.A. chapter guidelines from which to develop effective groups. H.A.F.S. recommends that every H.A. member obtain a copy of this manual in order to develop personal responsibility for the group.

Advertising and Public Relations Materials

H.A.F.S. advertises the ministry of H.A. in various places and makes available other materials to the chapters to help them let people in their local area know that there is hope and help for the homosexual in Christ. See the section “ADVERTISING AND THE LOCAL H.A. CHAPTER” later in the manual for additional ideas.

H.A. Seminars

The H.A. Seminars are given by H.A.F.S. staff at various locations to prepare people to take an active role in finding freedom from homosexuality and in helping others through the Christ-centered ministry of Homosexuals Anonymous. By attending, a person receives a solid, layman’s foundation for personal recovery and for helping those who wish to find freedom from homosexuality.

The H.A. Recovery Seminar is for men and women who struggle with homosexuality and wish to understand the recovery process as well as for pastors, counselors, and any others who wish to know how to help such folk. There will be much opportunity for questions and discussion. If you are seeking freedom for yourself or are trying to help someone who is, THIS is the seminar for you.

The H.A. Training Seminar is for people who want to start or strengthen an H.A. chapter. This will be a nuts-and-bolts seminar dealing with the practical problems of starting and maintaining a chapter that will really help struggling people. If you wish to start an H.A. chapter in your area or to strengthen the chapter you attend, THIS is the seminar for you.

The H.A. Seminar for Families and Friends. This seminar will show what to do for someone who does not want recovery as well as how to help someone in recovery and what to avoid as to not make recovery more difficult. If you are a family member or friend of someone with a homosexual problem or are a struggling person who wants to be involved with his or her family and/or friends in the recovery process, THIS is the seminar for you.

H.A. Conferences

H.A. conferences are held whenever and wherever it is helpful for H.A. members only, offering fellowship, inspiration, guidance, and planning for future Christian growth.

H.A. Translation Work

We are working on making all our literature available in other languages.

H.A. Website

H.A.F.S. has a website. The current address is: www.homosexuals-anonymous.com

H.A. Online Chapter

The Jason ministry which is affiliated to H.A. runs an online chapter that works with the 14 Steps for adult men who do not have an H.A. chapter nearby but who do have access to the internet. Anyone interested in participating in this chapter can find the information they need at the H.A. website. You can also send an email to [email protected] and request more information about the online chapter.